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Hi!  My name is Stacey Lyn Dominici and I am a Wedding, High School Senior and Portrait Photographer located in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, just outside of Monroeville, PA.  I got my start in photography years ago, long before I ever thought that I would someday own a photography business.  

In high school, I always had a camera with me, much to the dismay of my friends who got to have every embarrassing moment of their high school years documented on film. After high school, I attended Indiana University of PA where I majored in Communications Media and graduated with honors, planning to start a career in Television Broadcasting.  With mounting bills and student loans, I quickly realized that working in television was not going to cut it, so I took a job with a Fortune 500 company in Pittsburgh where I stayed for 17 years, working in various Executive Assistant and Human Resource roles. Over the years, my desire to own my own business in a creative field grew stronger until I could no longer resist the pull.  In January of 2012, I made the scariest decision I have ever made, and gave up my stable career in Corporate America to start my own photography business.  Despite my friends and family thinking I had lost my mind, I dug my heels in and began the hard work of building a business.  I spent the better part of the next 3 years taking classes, reading books, and attending workshops on all things photography and business.  In July of 2014, my dream of owning my own photography business became a reality and I launched Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography, LLC.

You may be asking yourself, "but why photography"?  Well, here is my story.  Growing up, and to this day, my Dad refuses to be in photos!  Not just, "I'd rather not be", but full on "if you point that camera at me, I am going to get very angry".  Because of his aversion to being in photos, I grew up with very few photos of him.  My mom had a "picture wall" in our hallway filled with family portraits that we got taken every year at Olan Mills Portrait Studio.  NONE of those family portraits have my Dad in them.  My friends used to come over my house when my Dad was at work and think that I didn't have a Dad!  Now, that my parents are getting older, I long to have images of my Dad, from then...and now... to remember him by.  I became a photographer because I know firsthand how important it is to have images of our loved ones.  We may hate the way we look in photos, think we are too large, too thin, have a pimple, have crooked teeth, not like our haircut...there are a MILLION reasons to NOT step in front of the camera.  But those million reasons do not outweigh the ONE important reason to get your photo taken...your loved ones!  Your children, grandchildren, and generations after want to and deserve to remember you, learn about you, have those images of you to hold dear.  They don't care HOW you look, they just want to hold on to the memories and images help us all to do that.

The past few years have been a whirlwind, full of ups and downs and twists and turns so fast I am dizzy!  I LOVE being a business owner.  I have met so many fantastic people over the past few years who I am proud to call my friends and my clients.  My favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to make my clients feel good about themselves.  There is too much negative self-talk in the world today - we are all unique souls with something different to offer to the world.  I love being able to capture the essence of each client and I love to watch my clients' faces when they see, often for the first time, what their loved ones see in them.  

I love to capture the special bond between a mother and her children, between a father and son, between siblings, between a couple about to embark on the journey of life together.  My passion revolves around moments - freezing a moment in time to be treasured for a lifetime.