Hey! I’m new to this Senior Photo stuff…how does it work?

I get it…this can all sound confusing, but the process is simple and I’m here to help you every step of the way! The most important task is to book your session ASAP. I only accept a limited number of Seniors per year. To book your session, contact us to confirm availability. In order to hold your date and time on our calendar, we require payment of your session fee in full as well as a signed contract that we will send to you once we confirm our availability.

When should I schedule my session?

The sooner, the better! Ideally, you should schedule for the summer between Junior/Senior year OR the fall of your Senior year. Because we only take a limited number of Seniors per year, you want to get scheduling crossed off your to-do list ASAP. Don’t panic if you are late, reach out to us anyway and we will do our best to fit you in!

What time of day is best for photos?

We love to schedule our portrait sessions in the “Golden Hour” which occurs about 2 hours before sunset. The light is prettiest at that time of day and has a golden, glowy quality to it. However, we can accommodate photos at any time of day since we utilize professional lighting to control and enhance natural light.

We live in Western PA…what if it rains?

Don’t worry! If your session is scheduled for outdoors and the day is going to be a complete washout, we will reschedule your session for a different day. If we are close to your yearbook deadline, we can accommodate you in our Studio to get your yearbook photo done and then hold your full session on a better weather day.

What should I wear to my session?

We will discuss wardrobe during our Planning & Design Consult. I typically ask you to bring in a few outfits that you are thinking of wearing and I can advise you as to what will photograph best. I also have Pinterest Boards that I will share with you to give you some inspiration. As a “Stacey Lyn” Senior, you also have access to our Fashion Closet chock full of accessories to add your personal flair to any outfit. We may even have some clothing items that are a perfect fit!

What if my face breaks out on the day of my session?

We got you! No worries! We professionally retouch all of your images to remove blemishes. Professional Makeup application by one of our talented artists can also help with concealing skin imperfections.

Can I bring someone to my session?

Of course! We highly encourage you to bring someone along who can help with clothing, hair, jewelry, and putting you at ease. This can be Mom, Dad, an Aunt, a best friend - whoever makes you smile:)

Can I bring props?

Yes! We encourage you to bring anything that has meaning to your session. This can be an instrument, sports equipment, a hobby, a family heirloom, even your pet! We will discuss anything you might like to include during your Planning & Design Consultation.

Am I allowed to use you for my Senior Photos? My school says they have a photographer.

Every school has its own requirements for yearbook photos and your school may or may not require you to use them for your “official” yearbook image. No school can require you to use their contracted photographer for any images beyond the standard yearbook photo. However, that is only ONE image. You absolutely DO have a choice in who takes the rest of your Senior photos. Let us bring out the best in you, get some really unique creative images that capture who YOU are, and have some fun while doing it!

How will I see my photos after my session?

About 2-3 weeks after your session you and your parents will be invited to the Studio for your Ordering Appointment. During this appointment you will see your images for the first time (YAY!) and I will assist you in determining how you would like to display your images. We will discuss products and pricing, and you will place your order during this appointment.

Do you offer Digital Files?

Yes, we do, and they are included in our all-inclusive Digital package. We also offer a variety of ways for you to get your Digital Files at a reduced cost, or, even FREE!

What other products do you offer?

So much! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products and believe strongly in the importance of displaying your favorite images in your home, on your coffee table or in your Dorm Room. We carry a full range of Canvases, Metals, Acrylics, Framed Prints, Albums, Image Boxes, and more - you’re sure to find something you love!

So, how much will all of this cost?

That’s really up to you. Because we stand behind our work and only want you to purchase what you love, we don’t require a minimum order and do not lock you into packages that may include items you don’t want or need. We offer a variety of sessions and products at varying price points to accommodate a variety of budgets. We have found that most of our clients spend an additional $1000-$1500 beyond the session fee - however, you can spend more, or less, depending on what you purchase.

We will discuss pricing in the Planning & Design Consult so that you are aware of what is available and what your investment may be. We offer payment plans for those clients who desire to split their payments over time.

Whatever amount you choose to invest, choose wisely and get the best! We offer an unconditional guarantee on our portrait sessions because we know you will LOVE your images! We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products and will replace any damaged product at no additional cost to you - no questions asked!