Pet Portrait Gallery

Our pets wiggle their way into our hearts and truly become part of our families.  They show us unconditional love, pick us up when we are down, make us laugh and curl up beside us on the couch when we need a friend.  Whether we have kids or just our "fur babies", they have their own special place of honor in our families.  We love to photograph pets at Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography!  We are pet owners ourselves and whether your pet is furry, meowy, slimy or has feathers they will melt our hearts just like they have yours.  Pets are welcome as part of any session, but we think it's great to get them their own photo session too!  We are great at working with animals and know how to work with them to get the best images possible.  Instead of buying the painting with "the dog that looks just like Rover", why not have us create artwork of YOUR pet?