AWESOME! If you’ve landed here, you must be interested in being a Senior Model for us. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT. Seriously, this is such a fun program with so many perks for you, your head will spin around and your eyes will pop out of your head - hopefully not during your session though;) ALL of our Senior Models get the following:

~ Our Exclusive Style Squad Class of 2020 tee: This t-shirt is the height of fashion and will give you street cred as an official Style Squad Member. Be an influencer in your high school! #modelstatus 

~ Style Squad Swag Bag: Your swag bag comes filled with must-have items for your Senior Year, along with discounts on things like mani-pedis, fun things to do with friends, and some help planning your Graduation party.

Blog Feature: Each Style Squad member will get his/her own feature on our Blog highlighting you, your hobbies, activities, and future plans! This will make you the envy of your peers as well make you a local celebrity:)

~ "Deets" Cards (Regular retail value of $225): Each Style Squad member will receive a set of 100 "Deets" cards personalized with his/her favorite image and Graduation Year as well as a few interesting facts about them to trade with friends.  One step above signing a yearbook, these cards will help you stand out among your peers and up your "cool" factor!

~ Phone App (Regular retail value of $295): To further up your "cool" factor, each Style Squad member will also receive his/her own personalized phone app with social media sized images from all of his/her sessions to share with friends and family and to post on Social Media. Have your kick-butt images with you at all times!

~ Senior Scoop Program Membership: We are super excited about the fun surprises and get togethers we have planned for the Class of experiences and bonding activities guaranteed to elevate your Senior year!

~ Discounts: 10% off prints, products and digital images


  • $50 CASH! (Yes, cold hard cash) for every booked Senior referred by YOU! Even better,there is NO limit to the amount of credit you can earn!! Who needs to sling burgers at McDonald’s all summer? This pays better and is way more fun!

~ Contests: Fun and easy ways to win more cool stuff. Money (yes, more money), gift cards, movie tickets…you’ll always have someplace to be or something to do!

~ Tiered Bonuses: Every Style Squad member will have the opportunity to earn additional sessions, completely styled shoots with hair/makeup /wardrobe, and other unique opportunities. These bonuses are based on the number of booked referrals each Senior sends to Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography.


*The fine print…there’s always fine print;)
Prints, Products and Digital Files are an additional cost unless listed above or included in your chosen Senior Session type. Most Senior Models spend an additional $1000-$1500 on Heirloom-quality Albums, Legacy Boxes, and Wall Art. However, Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography employs an a la carte pricing model. This means that you buy only what you love! Additionally, Stacey Lyn Boutique Photography has NO minimum investment. You can purchase a little or a lot - what you spend is truly up to you!

**Accepted Seniors will be contacted by phone, text or email and MUST attend an Orientation Meeting with at least 1 parent or guardian to review program details and requirements, sign our agreement, and pay for your Senior Session.  Session fee MUST be paid in full on or before the Orientation Meeting in order to be accepted into the program, unless another arrangement has been made.