Spring Signature Sessions

From Pretty Princesses to Zombie Eating Vampires…Can you Relate? And…introducing "Boho, Baby!" Spring Sessions

Aaahhh Children. 

Innocence & Wonder.  

Princes and Princesses.  

Fairies and Unicorns.  

Monsters and Grim Reapers and Soul-sucking Dementors.

Wait.  WHAT?!  

That about sums up my nieces’ first 5 Halloween costumes.  They went from cute curly-haired princesses in frilly dresses to gory hideous monsters seemingly overnight.  I’m not just talking about their Halloween costumes either.  

That was just the beginning.  Soon after, they wouldn’t dare be caught combing their matted hair, bathing regularly, wearing jeans without holes in them, or shirts that aren’t black and filled with wrinkles for fear that they look like they are “trying too hard” in front of their friends.  

It blew my mind to find out that it’s actually a “style” to look like you have no style.  The kids who pull it off best are the ones who look like they rolled out of bed and onto the school bus (and many of them have done just that).  

My sister, much to her dismay, cried as she packed up all of the tulle dresses & puffy skirts awash in sequins and glitter and dropped them off at Goodwill in a black garbage bag straining from the weight. 

Now…my sister isn’t a sentimental gal, but she sure wishes she had just ONE photo of her girls in one of those dresses looking sweet and innocent and girly.  Then, just maybe, she would remember the way her oldest daughter’s hair would curl around itself and get so matted, it would take hours of combing to get it untangled.  OR, how her youngest had those huge brown eyes and lashes for days that would get even larger when she smiled. AND…she would have proof (actual, documented proof) that at one time, even for a fleeting moment, those girls LOVED to wear those dresses.  

That’s just one of the many things that me and my sister miss…the vision of those young girls so full of innocence twirling around the living room in their dresses, their tulle skirts billowing out as they spin faster and faster.  I want that image in my mind forever, but as the years go on and those young girls grow into young women, that memory is getting harder and harder to conjure.

Need some help bringing YOUR memories to the forefront? 

I have an assignment for you.  Try it - right now.

Without looking at any old photos or videos, try to imagine your children 2-3 years ago. Close your eyes if you need to. What are they wearing? How were their features back then?  

Now, what did you love MOST about them at that age? You can’t be vague here. Was it the way your son cried every time the grass tickled his feet?  Was it the way your daughter would play dress up with your jewelry or the time she wore your engagement ring to school and you had to go retrieve it, all while trying not to have a panic attack? 

I’m guessing your memories are all mashed together, and you can’t remember specific details. The memories are there, but you can’t seem to get them out. 

Now bring out a photo or a journal entry, and the memories will FLOOD back! “Oh yeah! Little Siena used to wear that crazy neon green hat, and sunglasses that were too big and insist on carrying around that little rubber worm with the brown spots. We lost that worm at Disneyworld and she cried for days (all while still wearing those darn sunglasses)”.

What can be done to hang on to those precious visions?” 

Don’t worry!  I got you:)

We all need prompts to open the floodgates of precious memories stored in the recesses of our brains for safe keeping.  Photographs help us access the details of those memories.


Introducing "Boho, Baby!" Sessions 2017

8x10 Artist's Choice Inspiration Print Example

8x10 Artist's Choice Inspiration Print Example

What is it?

The result is something that will kick your memories back into gear, so you can experience what I just talked about, the emotions and memories you forgot you had.

"Boho, Baby!" Spring Sessions give your child a chance to experience something fun, magical and memorable while also giving you the chance to see them as they once were before they hit the “gore” stage.  If you are one of the lucky ones and your child is still in the "innocent prince/princess stage" then this is the perfect way to capture that stage before they move on to the next (not so pretty) one! The 8x10 Inspiration Print will be a tangible keepsake of your child, full of wonder and in the “prince” or “princess” stage that flew by before you could blink. It will also serve as a daily boost of self-confidence to your child as they see their image along with the inspirational message and are reminded of all of the unique and special qualities they possess.


"Boho, Baby!" Signature Session, Credit and 8x10 Inspiration Print

  • 25 - 30 minute portrait session with flower swing, mason jar full of “fairies” and other fun surprises.  You also have the option to use the Studio’s wardrobe to create a boho styled session at no additional charge.
  • $75 portrait credit toward your artwork of choice - great for hanging on your wall or giving as gifts. (In-person ordering session required)
  • Free 8x10 Artist's Choice Inspiration Print - Your child’s image with inspirational text and graphics will make a unique art piece that will serve as a daily reminder to your child to be positive, stay strong, or be brave.  A perfect piece to display in your child’s room to give them the self-confidence they will need to navigate the years ahead. (A $95 value)
  • Price: $127 


*Sessions are non-refundable
* $127 is the session retainer, $52 of that is used toward the session, the other $75 is used as portrait credit, the 8x10 Artist’s Choice Inspiration Print is free.
* Portrait Credit MUST be used during the in-person ordering session.  After that time the credit will be forfeited.




"Boho, Baby!" Spring Signature Session FAQ


Who is this for?

These sessions are perfect for children of any age, either alone or with siblings! The floral swing makes such a fun backdrop for capturing your child's innocence and wonder!  I will photograph siblings together, and individually for some great images that you and your children will love.

How do we book?

You can see our available session dates and times and reserve your session at this link. You will need to select your desired “day/time” from the available options, and check out with a credit card.  If you prefer to book over the phone, feel free to contact me at 412.374.7359 and I will be happy to take your payment information.


What should we wear?

If you are planning to use the Studio's wardrobe, please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your session so that you will have time to change.  A pop-up dressing room will be provided.  Please bring a backup outfit in case your child's size is not available or the available wardrobe is not to your liking.  Shoes and jewelry will not be provided.

If you plan to use your own clothing, I recommend a plain colored dress for girls (no patterns) and a button down shirt with a tie or suspenders for boys (again, no patterns).  Shoes should be a neutral color, black, or metallic and jewelry should be kept to a minimum.  

Some other things to consider:
Please remove chipped nail polish or touch it up before the session.
Please remove any temporary tattoos or stickers.


What is the 8x10 Artist's Choice Inspiration Print?

It is a print of your child’s image with inspirational text and graphics. The combination of images, text and graphics will make a unique art piece that will serve as a daily reminder to your child to be positive, stay strong, or be brave.  It is the perfect piece to display in your child’s room to give them the self-confidence they will need to navigate the years ahead. 


How do I use my print credit and order more prints from the session?

2-3 weeks after your session, we will schedule your Ordering Appointment. where you will see 6-10 images from your session.  Your print credit MUST be used at the Ordering Appointment or it will be forfeited.  Additional prints and products may be ordered during this appointment as well.


Am I required to order a package or additional prints and products?

Absolutely not! There is no obligation for you to order additional prints or products, however, most people find that it is hard to choose just one image from their session and often purchase additional items.  Most clients spend between $500 - $700, including the session fee.


When should we arrive?

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled session time, especially if you are using the Studio's wardrobe. Since the sessions are on such a tight schedule, anyone arriving more than 5 minutes late for their session will forfeit their session retainer.


What happens if we need to cancel or reschedule?

Because we have such a limited time frame for these portraits, the session retainer is non-refundable. If we have more available dates specific to the "Boho, Baby!" sessions, we can reschedule as long as you give us at least 48 hours notice. No-shows forfeit the entire session retainer. Anybody more than 5 minutes late for their session will forfeit their session retainer.


Can I give this session as a gift to my wife or mother?

Absolutely! Just go through the checkout process and book at this link, using your own information. After you successfully purchase the session, pop me an email at stacey@slboutiquephoto.com letting me know you are using this as a gift. At that point I’ll mail you a certificate you can give as a gift.


Can I include all of my children so that they can be photographed together?

You sure can, however, any group with more than 3 children needs to purchase two back-to-back sessions. A larger group will take longer to photograph. You will get the complete benefit of two sessions (double the product credit and two identical inspiration prints)


Can we get in the pictures and can we include grandma too?

I am happy to do a quick photo of you and Dad with your children, however, since this is a mini-session, I am unable to include grandparents or other relatives due to time constraints. You can email or call us about a traditional portrait session if you would like a complete set of family portraits. Our traditional portrait sessions include portraits of your children together, individuals of your children, you and your partner, and can include grandparents too!

Any other questions?  Feel free to contact me at stacey@slboutiquephoto.com or 412.374.7359.

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