What I Love (besides photography)

So, of course I love photography and using my camera to create art - whether it be for a client, a personal project, or just for the sheer joy of capturing what my mind's eye sees - but there are a lot of other things that I love too!  I may not always get to do them as much as I'd like (I'm working on the whole work/life balance thing), but I have a ton of interests and things that bring me happiness, a sense of peace and can pick me up out of a funk.  Some of my favorites are listed below.



There is nothing that can pick me up like belting out a song at the top of my lungs.  I love to sing, mostly country music and 80s (yes, I had the big hair and electric blue eyeshadow).  I love it so much that my husband and I put in a recording studio in my basement and I can spend hours down there.  These days, I mostly sing karaoke when I can drag my very patient husband to a karaoke bar (he doesn't like country music, doesn't sing, and doesn't drink so that's not a very fun night out for him).  But, I have been a guest singer for a country band and the opening act for an Elvis impersonator!  Opening for "Elvis" was quite an interesting gig...part of my job was to follow him around, take a scarf off of his sweaty neck, and drape it around a girl's neck.  Ahhh...show business!


I love all things "boho", and "new age" so meditation is a natural fit for me.  I have incorporated daily meditation into my life and I just love the feeling of peace that I get from a daily practice.  In my Type A, go-go-go lifestyle, it is nice to be able to just sit with myself and my thoughts, even if only for a few minutes a day.  I am in love with the "Calm" app on my phone that brings me guided meditations every day and, for the nights where I can't quiet my mind enough to sleep, I love the "Sleep Stories" which are like bedtime stories for adults.  Another favorite thing of mine is my Himalayan Salt Lamp.  If you are at all curious about them, get one!  They let off a beautiful warm, buttery light and are very good for your health and your soul.




I am addicted to online courses, books, and anything I can get my hands on to learn something new.  When I was a kid, I remember getting so excited when I got a new text book and even remember looking through my sister's books while she stared at me in horrified amazement.  I couldn't wait to learn something new!  I guess that makes me a bit of a nerd, but I'm okay with that!  There are so many fascinating things in life and I want to experience as many as I can.


Passports to world travel-1.jpg

My husband and I love to travel.  We love to just pick an area, hop in the car, and once we get there, explore everything that area has to offer.  We love long car rides over flying because you get to really see the countryside and if something looks interesting we just stop to check it out.  We have a lofty "bucket list" of places we want to visit and hope to get to them all someday!  My favorite trip to date was our honeymoon.  We flew into San Francisco (my first time in Cali), drove down Highway 1 and spent a few nights in Monterrey Bay, Pacific Grove, San Luis Obispo, and finally San Francisco.  In the span of a few hundred miles we saw different terrain, experienced all sorts of weather, and found some interesting places.  Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo was unlike any hotel I'd ever stayed in before.  They had themed rooms!  One we stayed in was literally a cave with walls and floor made of rocks.  The faucets in the bathroom would turn on at the top of the wall and the water would trickle down the rocks - brushing my teeth was like playing "Plinko"!


I love all things coffee - mochas, macchiatos, frappucinos - yum!  My favorite way to start my day is to pick a coffee shop (Starbucks, Sweet Buzz, and White Rabbit are some of my favorites), and spend an hour there reading a book, coffee in hand.  I recently bought a Ninja Coffee Bar so that I could make all of that goodness at home and the drinks have been turning out really good!  Still...I just love the atmosphere and smell of a good coffee establishment.


Who doesn't love a good thunderstorm?  I love to cozy up under a blanket with a glass of wine or a good book and just listen to the rumbling and watch the light show going on outside.  Something about it is just peaceful and relaxing to me.  Maybe it's the patter of rain on the roof top or the wind whistling through the trees or the awe of Mother Nature, but a good thunderstorm makes me stop and appreciate the awesomeness of this planet we live on.

Rain on umbrella-1.jpg


My Life!

More than anything, I love my life!  I know...that sounds really "PollyAnna", but I truly do.  I have a loving, supportive husband (Jason - who helps from time to time so you will probably get to meet him).  I also have two fur babies.  My cat, Diva, who lives up to her name and my dog, Rennie, who has really short legs, but a big personality.  I also get to wake up every day and do what I love to do, take photographs!  I love to take an image that I've captured and turn it into a work of art.  I love to challenge how the mind's eye sees and turn an image into something totally unexpected.  I love being out in the community meeting wonderful people every day from other small business owners, to potential clients, to just someone in line in front of me in the grocery line.  I am so blessed to be able to live the life that I've dreamed and am thankful for it every day!